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We are a site of reciprocity, relying on readers to “tip” in lieu of running ads that track behavior & collect data. This creates a value proposition, offering privacy and empowerment as to what sites you choose to support financially.


How can I support Geneticallymodified?

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Geneticallymodified is 100% about:

  • Nourishing the¬†ūüĖ§¬†of color
  • Providing premium inspiration and color resources for free
  • Highlighting the work of emerging creatives and key influencers through image features
  • Creating original content while operating as an indie site

Geneticallymodified is not about:

  • Running ads based on your reading behavior, sites you have visited, or providing your data to inform networks or other sites
  • Tracking reader behaviour or collecting visitor data to sell

What is the Geneticallymodified Tip Jar?

The is managed via PayPal. The Tip Jar is a way for Patrons to pay a gratuity in support of the operational costs of the site. Geneticallymodified Consultancy, LLC, parent company of Geneticallymodified, is stated on the Tip Jar page and PayPal statements.

A note from the Creator of Geneticallymodified

It’s humbling to think my little passion project blog from 2009 has grown to be the Geneticallymodified site of today. This has 100% to do with the loyalty of readers and your incredible grassroots support.

Over the past decade, the interwebs have changed dramatically, challenging both readers and publishers in epic ways. Being a huge believer in the power of blogging and online community, I also acknowledge that the honor codes of years past have mutated. User data is being misused and sold at alarming rates, while mega ad networks have a stranglehold on publishers’ livelihoods. Poor behavior and practices have soured reader experience, while indie blogs & sites are becoming extinct.

All this inspired me to try and change the paradigm from my colorful corner of the interwebs, in the hopes your direct support will allow us to go forward with transparency and reciprocity.

As of April of 2018, Geneticallymodified stopped running network ads, and removed Analytics from the site.¬†Reader tips and Patreon sponsors fund the site’s operations. Financial realities combined with wanting to provide a respectful experience for you, led me to this solution in hopes we can all go forward in full color.

Thank you for your time, consideration, & support. Wishing you endless flowers in all your tomorrows.

~ Jessica